Revue de Presse du 24 juillet 2020

Petit tour d’horizon des articles / reportages me concernant parus récemment (liste non exhaustive : si certains médias ont été oubliés – involontairement, je précise ! – qu’ils n’hésitent pas à me mettre un commentaire pour que je corrige l’oubli et les ajoute à l’article).

Date Média Article / Reportage
24.07.2020 La De nouveaux outils d’information pour les comités sociaux
15.07.2020 France Info
Le RC Lens créé sa section féminine de football
14.07.2020 Voix du Nord Pour la Fête nationale, à Arras, on a rendu hommage aux héros du quotidien
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  1. kapedan dit :

    ■ Creating custom initial trees from user input tree or an alignment of DNA sequences.
    ■ A GUI for editing user inputs that must be provided before the tool can process a phylogenetic tree.
    ■ Ability to modify tools options and to save them as « presets » that can be reused and shared by multiple phylogenetic analyses.

    MEGA-5 can be used to:
    ■ Create new « species » (assign all the « non

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  2. nanpan dit :

    Rogue Detections is a lightweight software application developed by Microsoft for helping you check if there are any rogue DHCP servers in the local subnet. It runs on Windows XP, Vista, 2003, and 2008.
    Rogue DHCP servers may be misconfigured or unauthorized, or they may hide malicious malware. Due to these servers you may experience network access problems. Plus, if you deal with Trojans or other types of malicious infections, your security may be compromised.
    Portable running mode

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  3. sophdels dit :

    Read the complete review here at Software Reviews, our website dedicated to serving software reviews, comparisons, buying guides and more »W. Q. Olofsson

    Wing Commander William (W. Q.) Olofsson (5 October 1908 – 29 December 2007) was a Swedish fighter pilot during World War II. He was the first person in the world to fly an aircraft on the battlefield, with his first combat mission on 9 July 1941, and the last on 5 May 1945,

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